Learning at REITAKU for Global Communication

Finding their own role in a diversifying world

What it means to shine in the global era.

The present age is often said to be a global society. Now is the time when people from different countries or social systems, who have diverse cultures, consciousness, and values live close to each other. It is becoming increasingly required to work or be active overseas. By the time our students start working, Japan will probably be more globalized.

Thus, what is the strength needed to live in a global society? In response to this question, Reitaku thinks as follows.

We need to acknowledge that we have different ways of thinking from others who were born and raised in a different environment. To put it simply, we need to recognize and understand diversity.

In order to do so, it is essential that our students know about their identity; about who they are. This encompasses the awareness and notion about how they were raised, what beneficence they received or inherited from their ancestors, and what they are truly thinking about. Unless they understand who they are, it is impossible to recognize diversity.

Ancestors, society, history, and culture make us who we are

Reward the beneficence we received with gratitude.

To know yourself means to look back on yourself. For example, culture is shaped by the people included in our ancestors, society, and history.

If you look back at yourself and think about how you have lived your life so far, you may become aware of the happiness that has enabled you to grow up healthily. The sources of this are the affection from your parents and ancestors, the support from your friends and your teachers, and the wisdom that was founded by those who came before you. Therefore, by always remembering that those things underlie your existence, you can understand who you are more clearly and precisely. In this process, you can develop yourself better, which means to reward that beneficence.

Thinking + Language → Expressive ability

Learn to be able to express yourself to the world.

We think one becomes a part of global society when they understand themselves and become aware of the differences in values from each other. In order to be active in the society they will experience, having sufficient communication with people from all over the world is indispensable.

Critical thinking is one of the abilities necessary for a person who can actively work in the global society. Language skills are crucial when conveying what we think. For example, the ability to communicate in English will help them in various countries or regions, and in different situations.

What and how they think about the problems and situations they face really matter in terms of taking action afterwards. We nurture our students so that they can express themselves to the world.

Learning at REITAKU for Global Communication

When our students graduate and start working in the global society,
They have grown up and are able to express their way of thinking with high hope and confidence.

For that purpose, Reitaku education puts importance on understanding who we are while recognizing and accepting diverse values, and emphasizes showing gratitude toward other people by cultivating morality and intellect.