The dormitory at Reitaku, which is called "Reiryo", was modeled on English public schools and mainly aims at cultivating leaders who will be able to lead the next generation. Dorm students acquire not only a sense of morals but also basic abilities to be a member of society such as communication skills, self-control, and conscientiousness in the dormitory. Also, students who spend their school life in the dormitory work hard to make their dreams come true with friends and teachers.

The Education Goals at the Dormitory

10th grade

The fourth grade's goals are learning a lifestyle of discipline and cooperativeness by living in a group. Students aim to learn the importance of self-discipline through a regular lifestyle by following a daily routine. Also, they aim to understand goals and the significance of dormitory life deeply and learn how to think and communicate with other people.

11th grade

The fifth grade's goal is self-development by taking care of junior students. Students can understand rules and the meaning of tradition, and improve their communication abilities by experiencing being in a position to teach others.

12th grade

The sixth grade's goal is to develop organizing skills and leadership. By experiencing various positions, they can think about others and lead not only themselves but also the group down the right path. They always show gratitude to many people for supporting them.