Language Arts

Reitaku has "Language Arts" classes from grade 7 to grade 10 once a week. Reitaku students learn to cultivate their power to observe language and materials slowly and carefully and get trained in "Analytical Thinking" which helps them analyze and to consider information that they encounter.

English Education

Based on the knowledge of vocabulary and grammar which are necessary in conversations and reading, English education at Reitaku improves practical English skills with good communication abilities. Students are trained in 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The U.K. trip (Grade 3)

All Reitaku students who are in the 9th grade go to England to study English and about a culture which is different from Japan. Also, they learn how to talk about Japan with a cosmopolitan way of thinking. They go there during March of every year for 2 weeks. We also went to U.K. trip, and we thought that this trip was important for us to get motivated to study English.

The study abroad program in Australia (Grade 5 ILC students)

Reitaku students who are in the ILC class study abroad in Australia for 6 weeks. The main purpose of this study trip is to attend classes at a regular Australian high school. Also, there are some activities in which we have the opportunity to come into contact with nature, for example at camp, we learn that there isn't anything that we cannot do and try a lot of things which were difficult. We thought it was a good experience for us to go to Australia.

The Thai Study Tour

The students who apply for this trip visit the Mekong Foundation. It is located in the ancient city of Chiangrai in Northern Thailand. They stay in Thailand for 9 days. This foundation is a facility connected with people related to Reitaku University. Also, children who can't live with their parents because of various reasons stay at this facility. Contact with children is not only enjoyable, but students also get to reflect about their lives. This program is a chance to learn about world problems.

"Yume (Dream)" Project

The key words are "self" and "dream." When students face any difficulty in studying for their future and spending their daily life, it is the well-established goal, dream, and will that keep them trying to carry on. Reitaku's "Yume" project enables their students to clarify their goal, dream, and will to find their future path.

Moral Education

Chikuro Hiroike, founder of Reitaku, emphasized the importance of moral education. He thought that moral education should be the main pillar for a person's education. Reitaku Junior High School and High School have moral classes once a week.